Christian Fellowship 1996-12-31 - Wise Living

Psalm 1

Yesterday my younger sister had her wisdom teeth pulled. So on Sunday I took the opportunity to ask her some important questions, like: Who was the World Series MVP in 1952?, What is the meaning of life?, If Jesus were here today, what version of the Bible would He use?, and What is the square root of the circumference of the earth?. She was very helpful before her wisdom teeth were pulled and now that they are gone, it seems that all is lost. However, it got me thinking about how a wise Christian should live his or her life. It also reminded me of Psalm 1 which I have been reviewing in my Scripture memory program. So here are a couple of insights on how to living wisely from Psalm 1.

  • The Godly, in order to avoid evil, renounce the companionship of evil doers. The Godly know well the Latin phrase "Nemo repente fit turpissimus", None reach the height of vice at once. Open rebellion against God is not something that takes place overnight, but rather something that festers and builds up over time. The wise Christian sees the wicked with a sad heart and is neither led by them nor influenced by them. The Godly avoids doing what evil doers do and also avoids being where evil doers are.
  • The Godly are familiar with the Word of God and submit to its guidance. The Word of God is like a fortification for the Christian. There is an intimate acquaintance that the Christian keeps with the Word of God even to the point that the Christian delights in the Law of God.
  • The Godly are also blessed in keeping the commands of God. It is a wise thing to seek the blessing of God. God has all things under His control, it is pure wisdom to seek to be blessed by God. From where else could real blessings flow? Walking upright with God, the wise Christian knows, is not only the way to happiness, but it is indeed, happiness itself. It is expected from those who enjoy the blessings of the grace of God that in the temper of their minds and the tenor of their lives they live according to the intentions of that grace. And plainly put, that is in living a life of holiness, living according to God's commands and standards.

True wisdom consists in being wise according to the law of God. --John Calvin

No man is really wise unless he lives in the will and for the glory of God. --Geoffrey Grogan

The next best thing to being wise is to live in a circle of those who are. --C. S. Lewis

Wisdom outweighs any wealth. --Sophocles

The wisest person in the world is the person who knows the most about God. -- A. W. Tozer

Have a Blessed New Year,