Christian Fellowship 1996-12-09 - Redeeming Time

Why time is precious?

Today's Verse: Eph. 5:16

  1. Time is very short. The scarcity of any commodity makes it worth all the more the more scarce it is. This is especially true if the commodity is one without which life is no longer possible. Time is very short and very precious. James 4:14, "Our life; what is it? It is but a vapor which appears for a little time, and then vanishes away." Time is so short, and the work that we have to do in time is so great, that we have no time to spare. Our work is to prepare for eternity. This must be done in time, or it will never be done.
  2. Time is precious because we are uncertain of its continuance. We all know that our time is very short, but we do not know how short. We do not know how much time remains to us. A year, many years, a month, week, day? We just do not know. Think how much more we would cherish our time if we knew how much we had left. If we knew the hour at which our time was to run out, think how differently we would live. And yet we ought to live with such an attitude. There are many in this world who have excellent health, who see no signs of approaching death, and yet will die this very day. They know nothing of their fast approaching death and probably are thinking nothing about it. However, this makes no difference for them. The sands of their time are about to run out. This being true, we ought to cherish our time and how careful we should be to lose none of our remaining time.
  3. Time is precious because once lost, it can never be recovered. There are many things that if we lose for a time, we can regain later. Time is not one of them. When a moment of time is gone, it is gone forever. Even when we see how we have used our time in the past and repent for wasting such a precious gift, our repenting gains us none of it back. The parts of our time that are gone can never be recovered.

The encouragement in all this is that we have a new day before us. We have a new week upon us. Soon we will have a new year to begin. We have the chance to start cherishing time today. Think how much can be done in a year! Think how many opportunities there are to do good in short amounts of time. May God grant us grace that we might use our remaining time to His glory, serving His kingdom.

"He who neglects the present moment throws away all he has." Johann von Schiller

"It is better to lose anything than to lose time; we can recover lost money, but time is irrecoverable." Chrysostom

"Misspending a man's time is a sort of self-homicide." George Savile

Soli Deo Gloria,