Christian Fellowship 1996-10-01 - Direction

Today's Verse: Jeremiah 10:23

  1. We do not direct our own steps. We may determine, in our own mind to do this or that, but we cannot foresee every circumstance that will happen to us. There may be unexpected difficulties, accidents, or what really are providences. And these may prevent us from doing what we have determined to do. For example, A young man enters a business and determines that he will start where he has been placed and work his way to the top. How rare is it that things work out as planned. A direction he took at some time or another and exerted a lot of energy on was a dead end. And someone else moved ahead of him. It happens all the time and I expect others have had similar experiences. It is true, "it is not in a man who walks to direct his steps". Living life is like taking Amtrak. You are likely to be tossed around a little and you might even wreck before you reach your destination. God knows about it all. Everything that is not seen by you is seen and understood by God. It is not possible for anyone to direct their steps, because no one has any power to do this, strive and struggle as you do, you may still make little or no progress.

  2. We do not direct our will according to our own will because our will is naturally evil. The ungodly think they direct their own way. But if you do this, live according to your will, it will lead you to the deeps of destruction. He who is his own guide is guided by a fool. He that trusts in his own understanding, proves he has no understanding. We are incompetent to direct our own will because we have a natural tendency to evil. If you have depended upon yourself ask the Spirit to be your guide from this day, until forever. The doctrine of total depravity is not simply an article in a creed, but it is a matter of everyday experience.

  3. Even a renewed heart should not seek to direct its own path because even a renewed heart is prone to poor judgment. Dear Brother or Sister in Christ, your heart of stone is gone, and a new heart and a right spirit has been granted you. But if you, even now, trust your own judgment, it will only lead to sorrow. Every man who is wise will feel a fool apart from divine guidance. It is often in the little matters that wise people make mistakes. If it is a grave matter, a wise person will pray about it. But when the matter seems trivial, that is when a wise person is prone to forget to pray. You may know the old proverb, "When it is nice weather, carry an umbrella. When it is raining, do what you like." So it is when any matter seems simple and clear, pray about it. It was the good plan of the old Scotsman, when any matter was being considered, "Reach down yon Bible", and when the Scriptures searched and prayer offered the matter would be clearer and things could move forward. "It is not in a man who walk to direct his steps." There once was a wise old Christian woman. She was asked if she would choose to live or die. She said she had no choice in the matter, but that was in the Lord's hands. "But", she was pressed, "suppose the Lord put the question to you, which would you choose." "Neither", she said, "I would ask Him not to let me choose, but to choose for me so that it would be as He willed and not as I willed."

Soli Deo Gloria,