Christian Fellowship 1996-04-16 - Loving God's Word

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Psalm 119:97-104, esp. "O, how love I thy law!!! It is my meditation all the day." --Ps. 119:1

C. S. Lewis says that loving the law of God is like loving the instruments that the dentist uses to pull your teeth. However, he goes on to say that, this is only true until you look deeply into the law and discover how good it is for you. Psalm 119: 97-104 gives us at least five reasons to love God's law.

  1. It is the source of true wisdom
  2. It keeps us on the right path: paths of righteousness
  3. God is our teacher when we study His law
  4. It is sweet to the spiritual taste, see Psalm 19:10 as well
  5. It keeps us from evil, tells us to hate every false way and wrong path.

More particularly, I think David has more in mind here than the ten commandments. Rather, it seems that David is saying he simply loves God's Word. If it is not explicit here, well, it is in the entirety of Psalm 119.

We ought to love all that God gives us, and especially all His teachings. If you do not love the Bible, it is doubtful that you love the God it reveals. If you love God, I am certain that no other book in all the world will be comparable, in your mind, to God's OWN book. Where God's handwriting is most plainly seen, there God's servants will fix their eyes.

One Christian brother does not like the fact that the Bible speaks about predestination, a sister is bothered about what the Bible says about the sovereignty of God, and another cannot endure exhortations to sinners to repent and believe the gospel of salvation. Well, my friends, it does not matter what we like, or what we do not like, if those things are in the Word of God, you had better make up your mind to believe what the Bible teaches, for those teachings will not be taken away to please you. None of us can bend the Bible to our minds, but rather we must bend our minds to the Bible and say with David, "O how love I thy law, the doctrines of it, the promises of it, the exhortations, the warnings, precepts..." We need a love that is from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, and we we need to be prepared to die rather than give up half a verse of it.

Think how Christ loved the Bible, how often did He use it in conversation or to answer questions? The Word of God was a letter from his Father, and if you have ever had a loved one go away for some time, you know how you have prized a letter that may have come. How many times have you read, and re-read that letter? Is it worn because you have carried it with you since you received it? Nobody can know how precious it is to you. It is yours from whom you love. Should not the letter given to you by your best friend, Jesus Christ, be treated with the same care and importance?

Many a poor Christian has been baffled by some worldly wise man who has discovered that Genesis is wrong, or that some other portion of Scripture can not be true. You may not know the answers to all the skeptics questions, or how to refute the arguments, but this you do know, you know that Christ is a precious savior and He was revealed to you in that Book they now mock. Take heart, is the Lord not strong enough to protect His letter to you from corruption? How mighty a God we serve, He is able to the utmost!

Give us a Bible reading, Bible loving people and all the skeptics in the world, with all their learning and follies, will never make any progress. An open Bible is death to their schemes and falsehoods. There are many open Bibles but there are fewer Bible readers and Bible lovers than is needed. May the Lord graciously increase the number of Bible readers and Bible lovers the world over!

"His Word is most precious…" --Jonathan Edwards


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